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Megabyte Computers Services

We have a team of technicians to service all your computer needs on site. We offer daily, weekly & bi weekly maintenance agreements, so you can outsource your entire IT Department to us. You can prepay a block of 10 or 20 hours at a discounted rate.

Our Services Include:
>> Web Design

>> Broadband Installation

>> Web Hosting

>> Network Configuration

>> Spyware Removal

>> Virus Removal

>> Software Upgrades

>> Training & Tutoring

>> Network Wiring
>> Franchise Support

>> Disaster Recovery

>> Email Hosting

>> Desktop Repair

>> Computer Repair

>> System Restoration

>> Hardware Upgrades

>> Firewall Installation

>> Database Design
>> Hard Drive Recovery

>> Wireless LAN Setup

>> Router Installation

>> Kiosk Installation

>> DSL Configuration

>> Data Protection

>> Laptop Repair Service

>> And Much More!

Megabyte Computers Service Rates

Standard Service Rates Microsoft Exchange Rates Novell Server Rates
$ 135.00 per hour
30 minute in our office minimum
2 hour on site service call minimum
$ 185.00 per hour
2 hour minimum
$ 185.00 per hour
2 hour minimum

Megabyte's Maintenance Agreement

The Megabyte Monthly Maintenance Agreement is great for optimal performance and annual budgeting. This plan is designed for your company to have a technician visit your location on a scheduled time frame: monthly, weekly or even daily. This includes software troubleshooting, preventitive maintenance, system optimization and any software updates/upgrades. Woth regular system checking by a trained professional, you can prevent possible hardward and software crashes due to spyware, viruses and other infective software.

Megabyte's Service Agreement

The Megabyte Computers Discounted Service Agreement is an ideal way to keep your network running smooth while not encoring major maintenance bills. You can purchase prepaid hours and save hundreds even thousands of dollars. With our discounted service and maintenance agreements, you can purchase blocks of hours. You can start with our introductory 10 hour block and use the hours for the whole year. We offer blocks of hours ranging from 10-60 hour blocks. The more hours you purchase the more you save. Your purchase a determined amount of hours and then call us anytime you need us.

Both Maintenance Agreements & Service Agreements Include:

  • Discount rate
    We offer discounted rates for all service agreements. This discount rate covers any type of service, scheduled or emergency.

  • Priority Service
    We will trouble shoot the problem over the phone, if at that time we determine that it can not be fixed over the phone a priority appointment will be scheduled, usually within 24 hours.

  • On-Demand Service
    Client responsibility to contact Megabyte for service, we come when you call!

  • Reporting
    Detailed account after every service call explaining in detail what work was performed, when it was done and by whom. It will also show how many hours remain so you can budget for a renewal.

Custom agreements available upon request
We offer custom agreements to suit your own unique needs. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss how we can best service your computer needs.

For more information on our Maintenance Agreements or Service Agreements please visit Maintenance & Service Agreements page.